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Effective Christian Internet Ministry
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Through testimonies, chatrooms, and email mentoring, people are finding Christ online. One visitor wrote, "I saw the Power to Change ads on TV and finally, today, I got enough courage to look on your web site. Giving my life to God's will, knowing that everything will be in His hands … as I write this my eyes are welling up and all I can think of is 'Praise God'."

Lives Are Being Changed through Internet Ministry

Around the world, young and old alike are on the Internet asking questions. A recent study released by Pew Internet and American Life Project found that "one out of four adult American Internet users … have sought out religious or spiritual information online." The medium may have changed, but the message remains the same - we want all of these searchers to find Jesus. Read stories of changed lives

Web Evangelism And Discipleship

The number of visitors to Campus Crusade's Internet Evangelism and Discipleship web sites is growing, doubling every 12 months. Read our Internet Evangelism News

Internet Ministry Web Sites

Online, the opportunities are endless and the audience is global. Originally built in English, our web sites have been translated into French, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Russian and traditional Chinese. We have had responses from Afghanistan and regular chat participants from New Zealand. Online we can minister to people in places we can only dream of. Explore our Internet ministry web sites


How will God use you?

You can help us bring the Gospel to each and every member of this global community by getting involved with our web evangelism or discipleship projects. The number of Internet users is growing exponentially. The opportunity to help people fill the spiritual void in their lives has never been greater. Explore opportunities to get involved in this Christian ministry

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